PARENT OF HIGH SCHOOL AGE STUDENT:   “My son has been a student of John’s for three years. John is not only a professional who loves what he does, but he inspires his student’s interest, creativity   and discipline for the guitar. John really connects with students and features instruction in the old  classics as well as current music, and I never have to nag to get my son to practice! I would recommend John very highly. My kids have taken all kinds of lessons, and John is by far the very best.”   -Theresa S.

         PARENT OF TWO GRADE SCHOOL AGE STUDENTS:   “My sons started lessons with John Short when they were just 6 and 8 years old. They are now 9 and 11 and have made tremendous progress in the last three years, despite having started so young. John has a superb approach with kids and had them reading music within a few lessons. John’s passion for music is contagious and his depth of knowledge, both technically and artistically, inspire my sons to perform, achieve, and care for their growing skills. His lessons are friendly and light, yet remain productive in a fun, non-intimidating manner. My wife and I often hear our sons playing together in the house, with one on melody and the other playing the chords. We sing along (quietly) to many songs we recognize and love ourselves. What a gift John is giving our children to read a musical language, enjoy it together, and share it with others.”   -Brian B.

         ADULT STUDENT:   “There are lots of instructors out there who understand music and have mastered the guitar. Many instructors can explain to a student what they themselves have accomplished. Very few can take that knowledge and articulate it in a way that compliments the student’s abilities and allow the student to discover music and guitar playing along their own path. This is a rare talent that John has. He is patient and professional and always has the student interest in mind. He asks you where you want to go with it, and guides you on your journey.”   -Steve K.

         “We have worked with John Short for 7 years. He has taught my son to play acoustic and electric guitar and has taken him from a total beginner to quite an advanced level. John is an amazing teacher and always has something new to teach. Our son is never bored with his lessons and is always excited to move to the next level. John also takes a very personal interest in his students and works with them to achieve their own personal goals with their music. We have recommended John to many people and he never disappoints! He’s the best!”   -Rosi M.

         “I have been taking lessons with John Short coming up on 6 years now. The lessons are very personalized and no matter what kind of musical background you come from John has a very unique ability to cater to your specific musical needs. I have gained a tremendous amount of musical knowledge including theory, arranging, and improvisation in multiple styles. If you’re looking for lessons in guitar, bass guitar, or general music theory I highly recommend John!”   -Jason G.

         “Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Over the course of 9 months, John has helped me master the basics of the electric bass guitar, which was quite a feat since I had not played any musical instrument since learning the piano 35 years ago. John’s patience coupled with his gentle pushing enabled me to quickly learn and enabled me to play along to may of my favorite tunes. His teaching style combined a little theory with lots of practical work, based around songs that I have known and loved for many years. Almost instant gratification being able to play along in just a short amount of time. John keeps me coming back for more. As I have said to John on many occasions, the cost of a lesson with him is about one third of the cost of a therapy session, is much more fun and more satisfying too. My 16 year old son has been taking electric guitar lessons with John since age 9. We’re putting the band back together!! Thanks John.”   -Jonathan S.

         “After 5 years of lessons with John, it is easy to say that John is the best guitar teacher I could have had, and I know that many others have shared that feeling. John is a highly skilled and confident teacher and is very good at teaching any sort of student. Guitar, bass or theory, John can teach it well. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!”   -Mark S.

         “I started off with bass instruction from John two years ago as a complete beginner. Within months, I was playing my favorite soul and reggae songs at a level I never thought I could. Time there is always well spent and I always get well-rounded assignments to take home. John is attentive, patient, creative and well-versed in a range of music styles. I’m now working on taking my playing to the next level.”   – Nick N.

         “My son has been taking guitar lessons with John for more than two years. John is a patient teacher and his passion and enthusiasm for music is infectious. In addition to teaching my son the mechanics of the instrument, John has introduced him to a wide variety of musical genres. In this day and age, where so much of current popular music lacks lasting substance, the exposure to the formative elements of music is invaluable. Lessons with John are truly educational experiences.”   -Alex B.

         “My 11 year old son started lessons with John just 15 months ago wanting to try out for Jazz band at school. He is well on his way to reaching that goal, but more importantly continues to enjoy playing and practicing without complaint. (honestly!) John gets to know his student’s musical interests and has a good balance of keeping it fun with patient encouragement to continue to learn and progress. His unique studio, teaching style, and talent has given my son the opportunity to play along with John on guitar, drums, and other instruments. I actually look forward to staying and listening, in the comfortable waiting area, when I have the chance. His studio is in a convenient location and John’s rates are the most reasonable around. We’ve taken many different music lessons over the years, and I highly recommend John’s.”   -Sharon L.

         “John Short has helped me make tremendous progress with my guitar playing skills and song-writting techniques. Taking lessons with John Short is a well-worth experience, he is very creative and teaches remarkably well with a lot of passion. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced guitar player you won’t be disappointed with John Short.”   -Chloe B.

         “I have been taking lessons with John for 7 years. Over the course of that time, John has trained me not only in the mechanics of guitar playing, but in the theory of music. I have learned so much in this time. John is an excellent teacher who caters to the level of any guitar playing individual. Most of all, John is a really nice guy who is easy to call both a teacher and a friend. I would recommend John in a heart beat to anyone seeking an awesome guitar teacher.”   -George S.

         “I believe that many novice and intermediate guitar players attempt to learn how to play through on-line lessons alone, and this is unfortunate. Go this route and bad habits are sure to be developed. Having a qualified instructor work closely with you and teach you the right way to play and practice is extremely beneficial in the long run, and John is an effective teacher, trainer, and coach for the guitar. I took guitar lessons with John for close to two years as an intermediate player, and emerged with noticeable improvements in many aspects of my playing. In addition, John really helped me understand music theory in a practical way, not just with memorization of scale and mode charts. My son currently takes bass lessons with John, and John has helped his playing in many ways as well. John is very receptive to working with the player to develop a roadmap for success and growth. He wants to know in what direction you want to go, and work with you to achieve your goals. His enthusiasm for music is obvious and contagious. If you are a novice, intermediate, or even an expert player and need a competent guitar or bass teacher, John is definitely worth checking out.”   -Dave H.